The Prescon Commitment

In recent years, the real estate sector in India has experienced significant growth, driven by factors such as population increase, urbanization, and rising incomes. To keep pace with this growing demand, real estate companies are embracing technological advancements to ensure efficient operations.

However, it is crucial to strike a balance between speed and quality. While technology can expedite processes, it should never compromise the integrity and excellence of the final product. This mentality applies to all facets of construction and real estate development. Maintaining high-quality standards is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

At Prescon, we firmly believe that quality is an ongoing journey, and we approach construction as if we were building for ourselves. We cultivate a culture of quality within our organization, recognizing that quality is not a static concept but one that evolves in a dynamic environment filled with constant challenges. To uphold consistent quality across our business, we remain humble and dedicated to continuous improvement.

Fostering a culture of quality is a top priority at Prescon. We instill trust and autonomy in all our associates, suppliers, and consultants. However, we also understand the importance of independent checks to ensure valuable lessons are learned and shared throughout the industry.

Our commitment to quality is supported by stringent Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). All our departments and projects, conduct standard audits to assess progress and identify areas for enhancement. Our QA focuses on governance processes, training, documentation, monitoring, and audits to improve quality. While project-based Quality Control covers production, ensuring that every aspect of our constructions adheres to the Prescon standard.

We firmly believe that quality is a collective responsibility within our organization, engaging every individual. To achieve this, we emphasize the importance of accountability and execution at every level.

We maintain rigorous quality control measures for critical supply items that impact our brand’s quality. Each item is thoroughly tested and approved, ensuring compliance with our guidelines before being permitted for use in our projects. While we welcome new materials and suppliers, we subject them to a stringent vetting, testing, and verification process to ensure they meet our high standards.

At Prescon, we believe in doing things right the first time. This approach places great importance on investing extra time at the outset to avoid costly mistakes and delays. This is the Prescon commitment – an unwavering dedication as individuals and as an organization. We treat every project and customer with the same care and attention as if they were part of our own home, ensuring that their experience is nothing short of exceptional.