10 Amenities to Look For in your Next Modern Apartment

Mumbai is a bustling and vibrant city that is home to a wide range of modern residential apartments. These apartments can make life in the city more convenient, enjoyable, and comfortable. Here are 10 amenities to look for in your next residential apartment and complex.


Safety and security are important considerations when choosing an apartment, particularly in a city like Mumbai. Consider apartments with 24-hour security, CCTV cameras, and gated communities.

security is an important amenity to have when it comes to your home

Swimming pool

One of the more fun amenities to look for is a swimming pool! This is a great amenity to have, particularly during the hot and humid summers in Mumbai. Choose apartments that have a well-maintained pool that is suitable for adults and children.

a swimming pool is a relaxing amenity that lets you unwind without having to go far from home


A gym is a convenient amenity to have, particularly for those who enjoy staying active. Look for apartments that have a well-equipped gym with a range of fitness equipment.

a gym is an important amenity to look for in an apartment complex

Play Area

If you have children, a play area can be a great addition to your home. Ensure that your apartment complex has a dedicated play area for children, which may include features such as swings, slides, and other play equipment.

play areas are a must-have amenity for your children


In a city like Mumbai, parking can be a challenge. Dedicated parking areas make it a lot easier to park your car safely and securely. This makes it one of the key amenities to look for as it affects how you start and end your day!

spacious parking that will keep your car safe is an amenity to look out for


A clubhouse is a great amenity to have, as it provides a space for residents to socialize and engage in activities. Apartment buildings that have a well-equipped clubhouse with features such as a pool table, TV, and outdoor seating are sure to enhance your experience.

a clubhouse is a fun community-building amenity to look for in a residential complex


If you live in a high-rise apartment building, an elevator is more than just convenience – it is a necessity to have. Whether it helps in transporting the groceries up several floors or gives aged residents an easier way to move about when compared to stairs, a good quality elevator system is extremely beneficial. Look for apartments that have well-maintained elevators that are reliable and efficient.

elevators make moving up and down easy not just for the average person but also the old and infirm and for moving heavy loads

Laundry facilities

Laundry facilities can be a convenient amenity to have, particularly if you don’t have the space or resources to do your own laundry at home. Earlier, residential complexes with on-site laundry facilities were not common in Mumbai. However, these days there are several future-proof modern apartment complexes that do this. (Don’t know what a future-proof apartment is? Read about why You Should Be Buying a Future-Proof Home in India)

laundry is a useful amenity that can save some time for you


A full-fledged house typically has a backyard or garden as an outdoor space – however, when you are several floors up in the air, the options are limited. One should consider apartments with spacious attached balconies, and residential buildings with terraces. These give residents a space to enjoy some time outside the home, take in the fresh air and enjoy the views.

a balcony is an amenity that gives you an outdoor space no matter how high up you are

Internet and Cable / Dish

In today’s connected world, internet and cable are crucial amenities to have. We need them for nearly all aspects of life, from work, to education and even to entertainment. Look for apartments that offer high-speed internet and a range of cable / satellite TV channels.

connectivity and networking are important amenities to look for in any modern residential apartment

All the above are absolute must-haves for your next home purchase. These are the amenities to look for when you are examining different apartments and residential complexes as they play a crucial role in your day-to-day living experience!

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