The Three Value Pillars Of Prescon


We believe that good design can solve big problems. We pay close attention to detail to each and every element of design that touches our customers’ lives


We lay a strong emphasis on research and development to ensure that our projects are outfitted with amenities, materials and utilities that harness cutting edge technologies


All our projects are built around people. At each level, decision making involves sensitivity to the needs of our customers. This is a fundamental mindset that drives our team

Our reputation for superior quality construction, pleasant customer experiences and on-time delivery precedes the unmatched goodwill we enjoy in the industry.

Our company has entered its next phase of growth, led by a young management team and industry stalwarts. With customer centricity, design focus and innovation as our core value pillars, all our new projects will be future ready. Right from the materials used, the facilities provided to utilities installed, we are adopting new technology that shall set new benchmarks in the industry.

About Us

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” – Winston Churchill

WE BELIEVE THAT GOOD DESIGN INSPIRES PEOPLE. The built environment has an unparalleled impact on people’s lives and we, at Prescon, are passionate about providing life inspiring experiences

Our company focuses on community-led developments that strongly prioritizes social growth of our residents. Our 2000+ happily settled families bear testimony to this fact. A strong focus on community building ensures that all our developments have a ‘third place’. These spaces serve as ‘anchors’ for community life that foster broader, more creative interaction.

Each parcel of land that we work on, goes through hours of meticulous planning and debate. Along with the best minds in architecture, interior design, structural engineering and landscape architecture we endeavour to create environments that resonate with our customers’ dreams and aspirations.

We at Prescon believe that success is a byproduct of delighting customers with experiences that surpass their expectations

“We believe that we are not in the business of merely selling ‘square feet’. We aim to build an environment for our customers to live to the fullest, achieve their dreams and thrive in their endeavours. This built environment is a result of our focus on design and innovation; while thinking extensively about the needs and aspirations of our customers.”


To develop world class, people-centric urban communities harnessing the power of design and cutting edge innovation


To be the most preferred brand for built spaces in the markets we operate in


You dream. We build.

Founded in 1964, The Kedia Group is a reputed industrial conglomerate committed to the mission of nation building. The group has owned and operated several manufacturing and construction operations – Alloyed Steel Casting foundries in Maharashtra, Timber and Plywood production and processing in the North Eastern states, Steel rolling mills in Gujarat and Rajasthan and a Wind Power project in Dhulwa, Maharashtra; the group ventured into real estate with a futuristic vision of building high quality infrastructure for the evolving demography of India.

Over a span of two decades in the real estate industry, the group has endeavoured to deliver quality housing to its customers. The 80’s saw the group develop more than 2 million square feet in six projects in the micro-markets of Goregaon, Malad and Borivali in joint ventures with a few developers. Around 1 million square feet has been delivered to its customers in the Pink City of India – Jaipur. In Thane, the group has completed close to half a million square feet, and has successfully delighted over 2000 families

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