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The Mistakes of Our (interior) Lives

February 2017 | Back to all Real Estate Articles

A few things that most people tend to overlook while planning their residential layouts and furniture placement

Well, let me start with a disclaimer. Any re-semblance to anyone's home or homes known in your circle is purely coincidental. Though the examples stated in this article are not a work of imagination. Fiction or theory they are neither intended to hurt any-one's creative sentiment.


You are the guest. visiting the host's home the first time Ting tong. The door opens with warm greetings and jhappis and alas the first thing you see is shoes. Now, no matter what is our culture, religion, sect, dialect or community we den. nitely intend to keep dirt out, and that's fine, but the shoes must not be 'seen.'

Rule #l: Open shoe racks right at the entrance are a strict no. Shift them inside to a place not visible to guests, or get a covered rack. Of course am not getting into the aesthetics, I trust you.


Move ahead and you take seat at the brand new sofa set that the host has just bought from the Diwall sale. You love the comfort and admire the upholstery so much that your spouse has started avoiding eye contact with you. Water and tea get served, you pick your cup. take a sip, and the moment you wish to keep it on the centre table, realize the top of the table is high enough for dintier to be laid.

Rule #2. The height of the centre table should be equal or little less than the seat height of the sofa. The same goes for side tables too.


Its dinner time and you all move to the dining table. Hot food is already laid and the scent is pulling you to jump into the delicious serving. So you step ahead to pull the chair bath and it gets stuck Into the buffet unit. Eight hands then calmly pull the dining further out ensuring the food does not spill and you are able to fit in. (Hey. you are not overweight. Stop finding the mirror. You are just right. It's the space that's really clumsy).

Rule #3 : There is no need to over stuff any area with Rim iture A buffet unit In


your dining area is not a necessity And the guests don't mind if the new crockery is stored inside in the cupboard. Relax the space.


Tummy full. you intend to wash your hands and have a wash too. You get escorted to the wash room. Nice clean basin. dry bathroom, great colored tiles. but your admiration halts because there's something not right and you just can't figure out what that is. So you rewind your mind. You opened the door, crossed the WC to reach the basin. Ah! That is the problem.

Rule #4: The WC should not be the first thing visible as soon as the bathroom door opens. The right placement of the three postulates of a bath space, are the key to the right design. If the space is small, to divide the wet and dry areas, the closet should be placed in between the bathing area and the basin. So you approach the basin first, the closet next and then the bath area. Needless to reiterate, the bathing area is always towards the end of the bathroom, Irrespective of the size and the space.


Since you were led into the bathroom through the bedroom, and your purpose now tblfilled, you come back into the bedroom but can't escape the stout solid wood Jodhpur make bed. The natural polish still has that charm that sways you Into the old world. Low height bed crowned with a thick pocket spring super comfort mattress. this is just the bed you had been eyeing for few months. The lamp on the side stand is just adding to the elan of this 'singhasan'. And that's when you realize that why is the small lamp looking so tall. The side stand is little too high for the head that shall rest next to it.

Rule #5: The top of the bed side stand should not go beyond the top of the mattress on the bed. Not just in terms of design and cost. it can be an inconvenience for the person sleeping on that side to knock her head. Better be safe than sorry.

And now please do not try to visualize yourself as a critic. Have mercy Be charitable and remember that charity begins at your own home.


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