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Top New Year Resolution for Your Home

January 2017 | Back to all Real Estate Articles

New Year is that time of the year when you make resolutions. Whether it is your home, profession or personal front - starting afresh is the best way to welcome a New Year. So, what are the common New Year resolutions for home owners?

From using recycled material to managing unused space, people take various kinds of New Year resolutions for their home. New Year is the time when people decide to start afresh, not only in their life but also for their surroundings, including their home. Your home too requires your personal attention and what better time to take care of your home than the start of the year. Taking resolutions for your home this year can not only make it more livable but also beautiful, efficient and clean.

Based on valuable feedback from industry stalwarts, we brings to you some of the top New Year Resolutions for your home:

Streamline stuff

Every year, we all collect a heap/stack of stuff that is of no use. This creates a clutter and jammed drawers and cupboards, making it difficult to find the stuff that we use the most. Plan to clear each and every room and discard or donate things (old clothes and books) that are of no use. Keep things that bring in positive energy.

Proper ventilation

Most of the people forget that kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are the biggest sources of moisture and generate unpleasant odors. It becomes even more important to install an exhaust fan and clean the drain frequently which most of us do not do. Clean the grill, blades and vent of the exhaust fans twice a year. If you have windows in your bathroom and kitchen, open it regularly and let fresh air come in.

Remodel areas you love

In the beginning of the New Year, everyone plans to give a new look to certain areas of their home but before doing so, ask yourself if this is actually required. Invest in areas where you spend most of your time rather than wasting your hard-earned money on remodeling your home every year.

Reduce Carbon footprint

The simplest way to reduce carbon footprint is:

  • Switching off the lights, fans and ac when you leave the room/not in use.
  • Insulating your home properly and sealing any drafty area
  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED
  • Using energy efficient home appliances with star energy star label like refrigerator, ac and microwave
  • Installing solar panels on top of the roof of your home. This will initially cost more but will be cost effective in the long run

Manage unused space

With the changing lifestyle of people and reducing size of apartments, space management becomes equally essential. "Open kitchen with attached dining table are in trend these days. The reason being that they are installed with tall units and Dispensa accessories that offer brilliant space usage," says Sandeep Kumar, Founder & CEO, Floorspace. In addition to this, wall units stretching up to the ceiling is another way of making optimum utilization Floorspace. In addition to this, wall units stretching up to the ceiling is another way of making optimum utilization of this dead space.

Take eco-friendly measures

If you are taking some resolutions for your home, why not do something for the planet? Planting shrubs, flowers (such as agapanthus, lily or jasmine) or herbs like Tulsi with medicinal properties compliment the theme of your home, make it look more presentable and bring in positive energy.

Recycle old material

Add a fun touch to your home by using recycled material that is not of use. For instance, : you can spray paint on old tyres, hang them and add plants or use it as a swing. Color old paint tins and use it for planting flowers or use it as a decorative item for your home.

Paint your doors

Pay attention to the doors of your home as the color may peel off sooner or later. This will not only make them look unpleasant but also makes them fragile. Hence, it is important to take care of the doors. Painting doors not only makes them annpalinp hut also inrrpasps their durability.


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